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Canada is a luxury traveller’s kaleidoscope of breathtaking landscapes, natural wonders, pulsating cities and remarkable experiences. With an unforgettable verve and a truly captivating spirit, Canada will inspire, invigorate and charm even the most experienced five-star explorer.

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Canada is truly the world’s largest luxury playground. With Scenic Tours, you choose your own five-star adventure.

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Scroll through the rotating galleries below to learn first-hand why we believe Canadians are some of the luckiest people on Earth.

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We are the leading tour operator to Canada and Alaska and continue to set the benchmark with our exceptional itineraries.

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Why Canada?

Visit Canada with Scenic Tours and we’ll fill your photo albums with rugged mountains, spectacular coastline, pristine wilderness and brand-new, life-long friends. Soak up the soothing energy of natural wonders, great lakes and ancient glaciers, all in five-star luxury. Send postcards to your envious friends and family from glaciers, national parks, cosmopolitan cities and breathtaking mountainous resorts.

We know this country inside out and have connected with Canada’s ‘tourism elite’ to show you an authentic and luxurious first-hand encounter of iconic sites and cultural marvels. We are proudly the leading luxury tour operator to Canada and Alaska from Australia and regularly travel extensively to ensure we create the most exciting itineraries with the best new experiences.


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